Wednesday, 9 August 2017

PLANS for the construction of a third wind farm in the Northern Tablelands are steaming ahead, with Glen Innes Wind Farm developers submitting an updated proposal to the NSW Government.

Local State MP Adam Marshall is encouraging the public to comment on a modification to planning consent application by developers Nexif Energy which is now on display on the NSW Major Projects register.

“The plans indicate that the proponents are committed to building this massive project and are updating the approved wind farm to make the most of technological advancements,” Mr Marshall said.

“They have requested an alteration to the already approved project, asking permission to build larger, more efficient turbines – similar to the White Rock and Sapphire projects nearby.

“The updated application seeks approval for turbines that are 21 metres higher, with blades 8.5 metres longer than originally proposed. This would add an extra 32 per cent to the size of the rotor’s rotation, delivering significantly more power than before.

“Were this alteration approved, the wind farm would generate an additional 15 megawatts of renewable energy, boosting its total capacity to 90 megawatts. This boost in production could power an extra 6,000 homes across the region.”

Mr Marshall said the NSW Government’s planning department was evaluating the taller towers and larger blades for the project, located on the eastern side of the White Rock Wind Farm, for any additional impact on the environment and neighbours.

He said the renewables industry had delivered major economic growth to Glen Innes and Inverell, with the White Rock and Sapphire Wind Farms in the construction phase.

“Glen Innes and Inverell have both seen major boosts to their local economies thanks to the renewables industry and the Glen Innes Wind Farm project is expected to provide another 80 jobs during the construction phase,” Mr Marshall said.

“If you’re interested in the Glen Innes Wind Farm project, I encourage you to read the project’s latest planning modification and provide feedback before comments conclude on August 31.”

Details of the project’s submission and options for comments are available online at the NSW Government’s Major Projects portal www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=817

Submissions open today and close on Thursday, 31 August.